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Experiential Design n.

1. the design and development of physically interactive experiences for the use of art, advertising, education, and/or entertainment.

2. the use of interactive technology to develop unique experiences which promote brand recognition.

(also see) interactive, technology, user experience, installation, events, design, art, architecture, creative coding, physical computing, social media


Our experiences are memorable and playful, using new technologies to create both physical and virtual spaces where brands and artists can create a relationship with the user.

Our team is comprised of designers, creative technologists, hardware fabricators, and coders working together to craft these unique experiences. With expertise’s ranging from marketing to architecture to installation art, we pull off the extraordinary. Always using the latest technologies, our concepts are compelling and press-worthy interactions where brands can build relationships with consumers across all channels.

Our work can be seen at many venues – brand and product events, digital out-of-home media, trade shows, in-store retail displays, technology events, festivals, live events, permanent installations, museum/gallery exhibitions, and more – across a wide variety of industries.


We love to explore new technologies and user interfaces, its why we do what we do. Whether its innovating through the course of our project work or clients hiring us to research and develop their new technologies, we’re up for any challenge. If you’re looking to develop out a new product idea or replace an existing technology with something more effective, we can be an integral part of your innovation team.