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Experiential Design n.

1. the design and development of physically interactive experiences for the use of art, advertising, education, and/or entertainment.

2. the use of interactive technology to develop unique experiences which promote brand recognition.

(also see) interactive, technology, user experience, installation, events, design, art, architecture, creative coding, physical computing, social media


First Memories

First Memories is an oral history repository of individual retellings of first memories. Each memory is collected and held in an unmarked digital box, and stored in a specific, unchanging location. Due to the sheer number of memories, finding a particular box is nearly impossible, and the end product becomes a mass of individual perspectives, undefinable from each other until listened to.

Click inside the flash player below to interact with First Memories:

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Built in Actionscript/Flash, First Memories is a physical installation within the web. Users could call a 1-800 number to submit their own first memory. This memory was recorded and then submitted into the memory repository.