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Experiential Design n.

1. the design and development of physically interactive experiences for the use of art, advertising, education, and/or entertainment.

2. the use of interactive technology to develop unique experiences which promote brand recognition.

(also see) interactive, technology, user experience, installation, events, design, art, architecture, creative coding, physical computing, social media

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Help Us Get to SXSW 2016 to Talk Virtual Reality!

SXSW Virtual Reality VR

Vote below to help us increase our chances of getting picked! Every year thousands apply to speak at SXSW, the biggest emerging tech event in the industry. This year, for the first time ever, Future Colossal has thrown our hat into the ring with FOUR killer sessions on Virtual Reality and Immersive Entertainment. To vote, follow the links below, create a quick account (if not already registered), & click on the thumbs up.

Virtual Reality and the Rebirth of the Music Video

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The Music Video heyday has long passed since stations like MTV and VH1 shifted focus to Reality TV and Original Programs. Yet the earning potential of the Music Industry is more reliant on creating experiences than ever. With album sales down, touring and sponsorships have become key. Artists need to provide fans with immersive concert experiences and high value productions to sell tickets, but concerts will never provide the same potential reach as the Music Video once gave. This discussion will delve into how the growth of VR provides a new platform for immersive music content, from Music Videos to Virtual Concert experiences, giving Artists a new outlet to share and monetize their music.

Extending Reach with Shareable Virtual Reality

VR is thought of as a mostly personal experience due to the hardware required, but that doesn’t mean VR can’t be a highly social experience. This session will disprove the misconception that VR is a limited-audience, solo experience, and provide insights on how to build a VR campaign thats socially engaging and capable of creating reach at both at events and as digital activations. From creating VR experiences for brand events, to activating campaigns around the world in solely virtual environments, to extending a location-specific campaign to all markets with VR, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to create engaging, sharable VR experiences to extend your reach.

VR Storytelling and Immersive Entertainment

Virtual Reality is quickly changing the definitions of the cinematographer and the storywriter. Creating narratives for VR come with new challenges and benefits than traditional film. Content creators must learn how to maintain control over their narrative while giving the viewer the ability (or illusion of ability) to make choices. This talk will explore the history of non-linear narratives and explore where these techniques will lead the future of the VR film industry.

Using Immersive Technology for Standout Campaigns

Immersive technologies are taking brand campaigns and experiential marketing to the next level. With lots of options to draw their attention, consumers desire experiences that create unique, memorable interactions with brands. Discover how VR, AR, projection mapping, digital storefronts, and other immersion techniques have become powerful tools for innovation, changing the way consumers experience and interact advertising, products, and each other. We’ll teach you how and when to take advantage of these technologies to make your next campaign more successful.