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Experiential Design n.

1. the design and development of physically interactive experiences for the use of art, advertising, education, and/or entertainment.

2. the use of interactive technology to develop unique experiences which promote brand recognition.

(also see) interactive, technology, user experience, installation, events, design, art, architecture, creative coding, physical computing, social media

Game Engine Archives - Future Colossal

One of the first things people do when they enter into Virtual Reality is put their hands in front of their face. Our hands are a vital tool for how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Without hands in the virtual world we are subject to remain spectators. We can move through the worlds but don’t have a physical presence within it.
While I see lots of discussion around Virtual Reality hardware, there is a real void in conversation around the challenges and advantages in creating VR content. In our coming blog posts I’d like to review our learnings from working on Shadows of Isolation, what I predict for the future of Virtual Reality content, and what challenges and limitations still exist. First I start with an in-depth look at the standard inputs for Virtual Reality.
Showtime: Inside the NFL We were commissioned by Showtime and Van Wagner Experiential to create an immersive experience for Inside the NFL at the Times Warner Cable Studios. Fans were able to step onto the virtual field to kick field goals and test their skill at being a quarter back. To complete the experience, fans sat in front of the next generation Kinect sensor and were teleported into a ...
  Another project from founder Jake Lee-High takes the cake at the 2013 Digital Signage Expo. Not only did it win Gold in the Transportation catagory, but it received the Content of the Year Award. This is the highest award given out by the Digital Signage Expo! The judges gave it an unanimous perfect score!
Shadows of Isolation, a Virtual Reality artwork, is a lucid dream like journey through an ever changing worldscape. Exploring urban isolationism and the replacement of nature with technology, it uses VR as an installation space, stepping outside of the traditional gallery/museum model to distribute immersive art freely to the masses. Download and explore for free.